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5 Treks around Delhi NCR to go on weekends

by NSTAY Date- 28 May 2024 views - 3392

A walk on the hills

Waiting to embark an adventure trekking trip with your flatmates in NStay, who have recently moved in? Looking forward to an outing that helps build a strong and everlasting bond? Then just pack your bags for a trekking trip that offers thrill and excitement. Now if you are wondering why only trekking? Then here is the answer – trekking urges one to understand the fragility of hills and mountain ecology, discover the unknown and undiscovered territories and test own physical endurance along with learning the distinct geography and different flora and fauna that exists at high altitude.

Now if reading all this excites you, and then explore some of the easy treks to go on, near Delhi:

  1. Lansdowne: In close proximity to the metro city, this trekking destination provides a magical vibe of snow covered peaks of Trishul and Chaukhamba mountains. Visit this place with your flatmates and imbibe in the calmness and tranquility of the mountain surroundings. The selling point of this destination is the remarkable sunset view. If you have a weekend to spend, then visit this comfortably doable trekking destination.
  2. Benog Tibba Trek: With easy to moderate trekking level, this destination is 300 kms away from the national capital city. One of the coolest treks, it leads you towards the lap of mountains, where camping and bonfire with your friends are the best to develop and grow your bond.
  3. Kasauli Kalka Trek: Now if you have a long weekend coming up, then pick this exquisite destination that has exceptional dusk and enchanting views. A wholesome spellbound place, it is perfect for people of all fitness levels and ages, besides being one professional trekking point near Delhi.
  4. Nag Tibba Trek: Nag Tibba means home of snake God. With a height of 3000 meters, it is one of the less difficult treks around NCR. The trek starts from Devalsari, and takes about 5-6 hours to complete. Get on this trek to get some amazing views of Gangotri and Kedarnath.
  5. Chakrata Trek: A picturesque and quiet hill station, this trekking destination offers an amazing trek for people who want something near Delhi. Ideal for adventure seekers and nature lovers, visit this place and take pleasure in a bath at the Tiger Falls while soaking in lush green forest surroundings. Though this place is not much discovered, yet it is a tranquil and peaceful weekend gateway.

The bucket list of trek points doesn’t end here. The Himalayas has plenty of these in its bag for any trekking enthusiast. And you will be rewarded with the special unforgettable experience of a lifetime by visiting these treks.

Before you plan a trekking trip with your flatmates, ensure that you carefully study what types of trek you and your fellow mates are comfortable with. There are treks of easy to moderate difficulty levels. Also, plan for trekking in advance and build your stamina at least a month ago. Stop consuming alcohol or smoking so that you are fit and healthy. Search for different tips that are available online to be completely prepared for your trekking trips.

So make your trip memorable while building some everlasting bonds with your friends in NStay.

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