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Reasons Why Serviced Apartments Are Ideal For Families As Compared To Hotel

by NSTAY Date- 02 Mar 2024 views - 2378

Selecting the incorrect accommodation cannot solely buildyour keep uncomfortable, however it can even cause some unwanted stress.Serviced flats square measure a good choice for each reasonably person. Given below are top reasons for choosing a serviced apartment:-


  1.  Spaciousness

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your booked accommodation after a long flight or road trip to find that you’re in a small room which makes you feel lonely. Serviced apartments provide plenty of  living space with room to rest and recuperate. On an average, serviced apartments are 30% larger than a hotel guest room, so this makes them an ideal solution for travelling with others, particularly children.


Serviced apartments also tend to include a kitchen, living room, and bedroom area. This can either be all in the same studio space or in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. This makes travelling convenient for those wanting to continue cooking meals or saving money on food while away on holiday.


  1.  Cost Effective

You don’t have to downgrade to 2 stars to make your trip affordable. Serviced apartments give you luxury accommodation without the hefty hotel price tag. Not only will you have comfortable and stylish lodgings at an affordable price, but also you can save by cooking all your meals in the kitchenette and storing groceries in your apartment fridge. Eliminating or cutting down on the meals you eat out will make a huge difference to your holiday budget.


You can use the money you save to do more shopping or spend more on memorable experiences in your chosen city. When looking for prices of apartments, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that many are priced competitively to hotels, and are sometimes even cheaper than staying at a cramped hotel room.


  1.  Great For Business Or Pleasure

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to stay with the whole family, or somewhere to stay while on a business trip, you can’t really go past the convenience of a serviced apartment. Business people travelling through cities will sometimes want somewhere to stay that doesn’t feel like a lonely hotel room. The serviced apartment also works for those needing to undertake conference calls and business meetings online or on the phone. With all the amenities needed in order to do your work in comfort, a serviced apartment is a great option for those travelling on business.

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