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Signs that you have found the perfect roommate!

by NSTAY Date- 09 Dec 2023 views - 1695

Signs that you have found the perfect roommate!

Imagine a situation where you are staying in your PG in Gurgaon and you have a roommate who cannot get along with you, but there are times when you feel blessed on moving in with a likable personality.  But is there a way to find an ideal roommate for you? Here you may find some traits that might help you identify a perfect roommate in your dream PG in Gurgaon.

  1. Being helpful, responsible and owning up:

The very first sign of perfect roommate is being responsible. Would you not want to stay with a person who remembers when to pay the bills, get grocery, and keep the home neat and tidy? It would be a sheer joy, trust us.

  1. A chilled out personality:

How would it be to live with someone, before whom you don’t have to be formal, presentable or sophisticated? It would ease your life and make you feel at home. Imagine you having popcorn while spilling on the coach and yet the roommate doesn’t yell at you. This gives you your own space.

  1. You miss his/her absence:

Do you feel empty and lonely at PG in Gurgaon when your roommate is away during weekends? This means that you enjoy his/her company and miss him/her not being around you.

  1. Knows how to cook and is a foodie him/herself:

Nothing brings happiness to people who are away from home when they are being served with some great home cooked food in their PG in Gurgaon. If you have a roomie who is foody him/herself and knows how to cook, then trust us, he/she is your perfect roomie by default. Motivate him/her to show his/her culinary skills when you are low or stressed.

  1. A genuinely true person

When you are living together, trust and honesty are biggest elements and foundation of your bond. Integrity towards each other will help you have a healthy and everlasting relationship.

  1. Is compassionate:

It is very important for the roomie to be compassionate and caring. A hug during times of low and stress is all that you need. Your roomie should be a person who loves sharing and stands for you when required.

  1. Be motivator to each other:

If there are times of happiness, then there are times when you would be low, depressed or need a spark to energize you up. This spark is motivation which if comes from your roommate, adds wonders to the life.

  1. Chores are not boring anymore:

There are some tasks that might not be of interest to you, but they become interesting when you have a fun and loving company. Your roomie might bring in creative ways to do that task. So set the music high, wear your dance shoes and get the house cleaning started.

  1. Comfortable in silence: 

If there is something that you both have in common, then it makes you ideal roommates. There can be times when you both have deep conversations while at times you may sit silently yet be very comfortable.

  1. Keep secrets: 

Ideally, we all need someone in whom you can confide your secrets. If this

person is your roommate, then it adds spice in staying together.


So if you have someone who is very close to these signs, then you are lucky enough to have an ideal roommate. Not every gets a chance to live in such a company so try and reciprocate what your roommate does for you. Come stay in NStay & your make your stay in NStay PG your dream come true! You will never want this companionship to end!

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