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Stay safe in the smog in Delhi NCR!

by NSTAY Date- 08 Dec 2023 views - 2056

Stay safe in the smog in Delhi NCR!

If you stay in an apartment in Gurgaon It almost seems like, Mother Nature can no longer put up and has given up on Gurgaon citizens. Pollution caused by emissions from cars and factories, uncouth burning of crops, construction wastes and the list goes on and on.. While we were all busy merry making and celebrating festivals and worshipping idols, we forgot to worship Mother Earth! And it has been a week since Diwali passed, but the Gurgaon air is filled with smog making it difficult to even spot in the adjacent building.

Delhi NCR winters once used to be a time of crisp days and pleasant mornings, perfect for a stroll in the park or a chai in the balcony has now become a time of terror and health woes.

For a city considered one of the most polluted in the world, Gurgaon has now hit a new low. Air so bad that you can taste and smell it! Most of us are struggling with symptoms like burning eyes and hacking cough. Since there is only little we can do, we bring to you a tips on staying safe in city that has now, in words of Supreme court of India, 'a gas chamber':

  1. Avoid direct exposures outdoors for long hours. True, avoiding work is no option but it is pertinent to remain safe and avoid going out as much as possible. Stay safe in your comfortable NStayHomestill you can bask safely in the sun again!
  2. Avoid morning walks and outdoor exercises. The pollution levels are high in the mornings and evenings because of thermal inversion/smog formation. Yes, the healthy practices of early morning exercises must be paused a little, if you wanna remain healthy. You are better of in your apartment in Gurgaon rather than going out. Ironical much, isn’t it?
  3. Avoid heavy exercises outdoors or non-treated areas like gyms. Heavy exercises strain your respiratory system, and frankly speaking, the less you breathe the Delhi air, the better it is. It’s important to ensure that your gym has an air purifier installed and that cleaning and hygienic levels are maintained, especially in a time like this. Public places always pose a higher risk as compared to the comfort of home.
  4. Consume lots of jaggery. Jaggery helps in detoxification. A super-food, this might just be rescuer in a time like this.
  5. Increase intake of citrus fruits. Fruits are a boon to mankind, they say. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But this ain't no ordinary day! Eat more citrus fruits like, oranges, grapes and lemon. They keep your metabolism high and are natural detoxifiers.
  6. Invest in a Mask. Don't be shy about it. Prevention is always better than cure. Ring a bell? Use N95/99 masks or other protections (Remember, a handkerchief provides only 25% protection!) while being outdoors, especially on the road when you're exposed to direct pollution.
  7. If possible, use HEPA based air purifiers indoors with good air exchange rate. You can ask our team at NStay homesto arrange one for you.
  8. While in the car, ensure frequent air exchange as high Carbon Oxide accumulation may lead to Cardiac arrests or strokes in Cardiac patients. If you have a Cardiac or asthma history, you really need to be extremely cautious.
  9. Do not use any kind of chemical based air fresheners indoors, like Airwick/Odonil. It is a complete no-no. The time is all about restoring the environment back to its original form. With poison looming in the air quite literally, you do not want to be breathing in any more chemicals. It can prove extremely harmful to health.
  10. Only open windows and doors when the sun is out, preferably only afternoons. Cross Ventilation is important, but not with poisonous air. You will need to give up the practice of opening windows early in the morning for a few days. Open only in the afternoons, if it is absolutely necessary to you.
  11. If you feel suffocated, simply put a tea bag into a steamer and inhale steam. It will help relax the respiratory passage.
  12. Consult your doctor for additional advice and in case of emergency, rush to the hospital immediately.

Stay safe, in the lap of your comfortable bed in your NStay service apartment in Gurgaon! In shocking times like these, the best idea is to stay indoors as much as possible and avoid getting sick.

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