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Find Corporate Guest Houses for your Short or Extendend Business Stay, Corporate Events, Meets, Parties. Available at All Major Locations in close proximity to Corporate Hubs, Metro Stations, Shopping Malls, Railway Stations & Airport with Pick N Drop Facility. Rooms are Modernally Designed to match Premium Hotel Stay Experience & packed with Modern Amenties & Facilities. Our 24*7 Dedicated Staff make you feel proud by offering variety of Hosting Services at your Doorstep. 

Best-in-class & Recommended for MNCs & Businesses for their Mid Level Mangement, Individual Working Professionals, City Travellers for their Daily, Weekly, Monthly Stay, Events, Meets & Social Get Together, Parties with Unique & Unmatched Hosting Experience.

We Promise to keep you Safe by Implementing All Precautionary Measures for COVID Proetection, Hygein Maintainence & Routine Sanitization.

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